Write more. Write better. Without word count goals. Competition. Criticism. Or the woe-is-me routine.

It's time to fall in love with writing—once again, once and for all.

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The Literati Writers is a different kind of writers' group.

  • Your writing passions can finally take root and grow under personal guidance of an experienced, compassionate creative teacher.

  • Connect in a private, encouraging environment with like-minded peers so your creativity can flourish.

  • A smart, 6-week e-course will guide you through creative lessons, revealing interviews, weekly writing prompts and more.

The Literati Writers is a different kind of writers' group: a creative program for writers and burgeoning storytellers who want to fall in love with writing—once again, once and for all.

You'll be guided by writer, 10-time author and creative teacher Dave Ursillo for 6 weeks.

Engage an intuitive, 6-week, creativity e-course that will help you redefine your relationship to writing and gift you writing topics, resources and techniques to keep you writing.

The Literati Writers will help you uncover your creative passions and discover your most rewarding writing journey.

How It Works.

This one-of-a-kind writers' group includes a masterful writing e-course.

This isn't a factory line. You'll be welcomed into a small class of writers and receive personal guidance from founder Dave Ursillo as you unearth your love of writing, once and for all.

Follow a smart, progressive, weekly formula and ascend from humble beginnings to a place of writerly depth, self-discovery and beautiful expression. Learn positive techniques to keep yourself accountable and develop healthy creative rituals.

Don't know what to write about? We've got you covered. You'll be given a handful of writing ideas to explore every week. Witness words that flow almost effortlessly. There's no homework. No grades. No criticism. No judgment. Just writing.

Explore over a dozen hours of guest interviews featuring live Q+A with experienced authors, creative entrepreneurs and inspirational artists. MP3s and downloadable transcripts will keep you writing-fire well fed and burning bright.

Writing is more than symbols on a page.

You (and your writing) deserve more than competition, stress, guilt, fret, or fear.

My name is Dave Ursillo, and I'm the founder of The Literati Writers.

I founded The Literati Writers in 2011 because I had a dream to help writers of the world fall in love with their writing passions, once again, once and for all.

No pressure. Judgment. Militant writing techniques or self-imposed stress.

Just pure expression. Self-exploration. Loving communication.

I was living in the heart of New York City when I discovered that there were hundreds of writers, who were just like me, wanting to get deeper into their writing passions. But it was their secret. A quiet desire, fraught with worry, insecurity, unsureness, guilt, even shame.

I spoke with dozens of writers who were struggling because of past experiences, too. I discovered that criticism, competition and harsh judgment tends to plague writers' groups.

Realizing how many good people were struggling with their writing, I brainstormed a solution.

Soon, the answer became clear...

A writers' group built on community, supportiveness, self-discovery and love.

The Literati Writers was born.

Fast forward to today.

  • The Literati Writers served more than 80 writers in our first two years

  • Nearly 20 members published a collaborative book, Before You Quit Writing, Read This!, to five-star reviews in July 2013

  • We hosted our first writing and yoga retreat, Weekend in the Woods, to great applause in 2014

After a brief hiatus to develop our new e-course and a membership site to aid your creativity to the best levels yet, The Literati Writers is excited to welcome new members in 2015. 

Our writer's group used to consist of a simple Facebook Group and emails in your inbox. It was simple and it worked. But social media distractions don't help you write more. And neither does having your face stuck in your inbox.

Now, The Literati Writers is a dynamic creative program--a writing e-course that nurtures you with supportive community connections and the tools, advice and lessons every writer requires to thrive. 

Get deeper in your writing passions with...

...An e-course that works. Guide yourself through an intuitive learning curriculum (that's been meticulously perfected with help from 80 clients)and learn your own creative process

...A supportive community of writers and creatives who get you. No competition, no criticism, ever.

...Personal support. Who couldn't use a little extra help along the way? Whenever you need a nudge or have a question, Team Literati will be there for you along the way.

What You'll Do.

It's simple, practical, and will help you write more.

No countdown timers. No strict word-count goals. "Write or die?" No, thank you. You'll pour words onto the page with the help of smart writing prompts and simple self-compassion.

A unique learning curriculum guides you through an intuitive growth process. Over six weeks, you'll build a foundation from your values, explore your creative desires and start to shape your writer's identity.

Avoidance, resistance, struggle. Why do these common road blocks exist on the path of artistry? With gentle guidance, you'll learn how to overcome self-sabotage and writer's block on the journey to being your most creative self.

What's Inside?

Here's what you'll learn every week of the e-course.

The Course

Week 1: Write to Live

"The Creative Struggle, and Why Writing Matters." Why do writers struggle with their art? In Week 1, you'll confront and debunk myths about writer's block, and understand why we avoid writing, even if we want to write. By understanding the subtle psychology behind your creative passion, you'll learn how to overcome typical struggles and turn your writing into a feeling-state of "being at home." Struggle, be damned.

  • Uncover the roots of why writers, artists and creatives struggle

  • Tap your relationship of writing and discover why writing matters to you

Week 2: Build Your Writing Home

"Tend to Your Writerly Roots." In Week 2, you will explore the roots of your writerly passion and discover clarity behind why your writing matters to you. Uncover your creative values and use them to build your personal foundation of guiding beliefs to keep you sturdy, steady and grounded.  

  • Create your writing space and cultivate a healthy creative environment

  • Establish non-negotiable requirements as a writer

Week 3: Pour

"See What You Know." Embracing feel and emotion, you'll learn an amazing, judgment-free technique to "pour" words onto the page and discover what ideas, beliefs and stories are quietly floating on the subconscious of your creative mind. By pouring your heart out, you'll start to get in tune with your creative desires and channel newfound willpower into powerful action. 

  • Learn the powerful and cathartic writing skill, "The Pour"

Week 4: Threads of Desire

"Discover What You Want." The writer in you has a purpose, a message, a goal. It's the delicate art of "pouring" onto the page that shows you the threads of your desire. Is what you want most as a writer becoming clearer? You'll make the most of this clarity by setting new personal goals. 

  • Connect the dots between what you pour and what you deeply desire as a writer

Week 5: Writing Rituals

"No to Habits, Yes to Rituals." With fresh clarity around your creative desires and maybe a few new personal goals before you, we dig into sustainable writing rituals to help you embody your values with ease. How does a writer work towards one's goals without burning out, or going crazy? By kicking "habits" and "routines" to the curb, and discovering the power of writing rituals.

  • How to keep writing without setting unrealistic goals or burning yourself out

Week 6: Yes, You Are a Writer

"From Self-Knowledge to Self-Love." In Week 6, you will learn how to shape your writing path moving forward, ways to reignite your fire when you feel stale or stuck, and how to source new knowledge and wisdom to keep your journey fresh. Tap self-awareness, feel self-confidence and (most importantly) awaken deep self-love.

  • How to feed your inner writerly fire, over and over again. (This journey is just beginning, friend.)

A smart, progressive formula builds your relationship to writing from the ground up.

  • Not sure you're a 'real' writer? No problem. Start from where you are. No imitations, no false bravados. You don't have anything to prove here. Treat this time as a beautiful exploration of your creative side, and discover what's inside.

  • You've dabbled in writing? Wonderful. You have some familiarity to your process. Now, it's time you learned the ins and outs of what makes your creativity tick. 

  • You're an experienced writer? Great. We'll revisit your roots, tap the desire that leads you today, and rebore you to a newer (and truer) you.

While learning positive, encouraging writing techniques and creative lessons, you'll receive interesting writing topics every week and develop healthy creative rituals.

Go ahead, write your heart out.

Why It Works

From the ground, up. By beginning at the beginning, you'll be set to write over the long-term, including well after our six-week e-course concludes.

You'll build a base of self-awareness and knowledge by discovering the personal values that shape how you naturally assess if a goal, project, idea or pursuit is worth it. By understanding what gives you fulfillment and the feeling of purpose, your creative journey discovers a whole new meaning.

You create differently when the writing originates from need (financial need, meeting a deadline, or writing for someone, etc.) versus desire (self-exploring in a journal, publishing on your blog, creating art or a book). You'll learn the difference. And, how to approach each differently.

'Writer' isn't something you shape yourself into becoming. 'Writer' is just one the many facets of the rich, diverse, complex soul that is you. You'll believe that you are 'a writer,' because writing means the lifelong process of feeling your most whole, true and unapologetic Self.

The Literati Writers will help you reclaim your love of writing, once again, once and for all.

Writing is more than words on a page. 

Writing is finding your-Self. Writing is discovering connection to others. Writing is feeling the underlying truth that's hiding in plain sight, just behind the veil.

Greater self-knowledge. Catharsis from simple self-expression. The freedom, presence and peace of mind that is always within reach. 

Writing is selfless service, artful experience, soulful expansion, the possibility to live a life more full and true to who you are...

Is The Literati Writers For You?

Most of our members have said one of these three things before joining us.

You may have had a rough experience in the past. Many Literati Writers have struggled with quiet, lingering doubt and shame from childhood art class, or a pompous and brutal literary community, or a harshly competitive writers' group. I want you to return to your love of writing, and promise that you'll feel warmly welcomed, supported and safe here.

And "advice" like, 'Just do it! Start writing!' doesn't actually help you start writing. We'll take non-writing influences into consideration (your home life, your time constraints, your relationship to creativity/art) and start to explore why that desire exists in you. Beginning from where you are, our e-course will give you a variety of starting points to choose from that will help you get started.

Oh, don't get overly mixed up in silly titles and labels. In the end, they're meaningless. The Literati Writers isn't about making you into "one of us," but instead, entirely and unapologetically YOU. Your wholeness, your totality, all your beauty and even your imperfections. Let YOU shine through. It's writing that will help show you the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's go over a few things like, well, what an "online writers' group" even is.

An online writers group is a private, digital collective of like-minded writers who understand the importance of gentle accountability and support to help you actually get writing done. Writing can be a lonely road, but an online writers' group turns your solo writing journey into a group experience.

Smartly designed, functional and informative, an e-course combines online convenience with self-guided education to spark your creativity and teach you new writing techniques. This course has been developed for more than two years and provides you with writing prompts, stellar author interviews and the process to develop your own creative process.

The Literati Writers is an educational resource and support system to help you write more, write better, and feel supported along the way. Gain new ideas, personal encouragement, authorly advice and community connections in a fun, engaging, private members' site. You'll discover a creative journey that feels truly great.

Ideally, you ought to spend about 15-20 minutes writing every day. Our course work only takes between 2-3 hours of reading time and/or listening time every week. We'll give you all the writing prompts you need to get writing, but the rest is up to you to do the writing you *say* you want to do!

Feel Confident with our 21-Day, 100% Money-back Guarantee.

We do everything we can to make sure our members love their Literati Writers experience, but sometimes things just don't work out. We trust you to make the best decisions for you. So, if you decide that our program isn't right for you within your first 3 weeks of being a member, we'll refund 100% of your money, guaranteed.